Strategic Solutions

Achieving the best from your supply chain means efficiently managing the complex task of strategic sourcing. 4Links offers advanced sourcing tools, including supply chain mapping, smart E-tendering, work order management & a supplier compliance portal that enables you to take control, improve profit and manage the risks of dealing with many suppliers.



Strategic Sourcing online

Immediate cost savings, faster, smarter sourcing tools , full online supply chain capability maps and gaps analysis


Catalogues / auctions/ price books

Continuous cost savings with new technology blending catalogues, virtual auctions & price books.


Full tender suite

Online, offline assessment, support for word, xls, Smart Eforms and Online questionnaires, tender box, free notification services, automated evaluation & selection process


Improved work order process

Massive productivity gains in processing invoices, generating work orders, running break and fix.


Contract Visibility - enterprise wide

Reduce contract costs, enable enterprise views, supplier dashboard access, scheduling, document repository, KPI management and much more


Buyer’s catalogue with shopping basket

Supplier upload to your catalogue or price book with live price benchmarking and internal staff approval process



Quotes & Work Orders

Launch quotes & work orders from your Portal to your supply chain in seconds, with Work Plan uploads & Invoice Drop to provide full end to end solutions


Work flow & approval management

Build work flow in minutes, setting spend thresholds, risk benchmarks and approval levels to manage every purchase from a single planning module 


Smart Supplier registers

Push your tenders to pre approved suppliers, engage the entire supply network with full commodity and trade mapping that links Buyers and Suppliers automatically


Panel contract in seconds

Form panel contracts by linking work to the suppliers you want or form price benchmarking and online collaboration in seconds


Integrated contract management

Link your strategic sourcing cycle to an online contract register in seconds, provide an instant enterprise view across all suppliers, KPI’s, and critical contract T & C’s


Customised solutions

Decide on the strategic tools you want, or choose a package for Tendering, Auction Catalogues with full Shopping Basket solutions



80% faster than manual systems

Experience the benefits of an integrated sourcing platform with sourcing planners profiling every buy for spend thresholds and risks, tendering design tools for creating tenders, quotes and work orders. Integrated notification services matching suppliers to bids and Tender BOX service delivering a secure environment to review bids and award successful suppliers 80% faster than you current manual system.


Reduce tender cycles with online prequalification

Getting bogged down in the size of your tenders?, streamline the process and reduce your buying cycles with rapid tenders and quotes. Our online pre-qualification survey supports full supplier validation and accreditation, completed by the supplier outside the normal tender process. Buyers save 1000’s of hours in Supplier reviews, while Suppliers gain the benefits of completing validation once and retaining an online compliance file for access by any buyer


Stop fixed price supply agreements, never tender again, condense 100s of hrs tendering into minutes

Take advantage of our virtual buying technologies , click new suppliers into an active catalogue and minutes later you are monitoring your markets at the line item level, identifying spot buys, running price bench-marking for products and services across the world, with dashboard buying closing buys in seconds. CPI controls, product assessments , product certification , take the bar even higher so complex buys can be converted to virtual panels, removing the need to ever tender again or lock yourself into fixed price supply agreements.



Supply chain resourcing – save time with a 4Links ePortal

Finding new suppliers in both your local & global market is vital, but do you have the time? Simply point potential suppliers to your 4Links ePortal, the self service dashboard will map them to UNSPC codes, profile contingent labour, map products / services, profile active markets & review manufacturing resources. While the compliance engine collects product & company certification, insurances, and pre-qualification profiles for trades & services. Fully automated, all self service, so you can continually build your pool of suppliers without lifting a finger.. How much time will that save ?


Integrated contract management - instant supply chain collaboration & risk control

Enterprise wide visibility to your contracts is paramount to keep off contract activity under control. Current suppliers are simply clicked-in, allowing instant views from their login where they can upload files, while you schedule review dates, KPI’s & budgets. Active dashboards handle activity notes, online forums, private contract storage , shared document libraries providing a full audit of all activities in a single location.


Supplier Catalogues & shopping baskets

Getting Supplier’s data to Buyers can take multiple steps, with Live Catalogue your Buyers can access your information in seconds, you can pick from our Bid Catalogues or traditional Shopping Basket systems to develop a fully integrated buying solution that matches the level of Buyer integration that best suits you organisation.


portal features

Portal Features    
Supplier Registers
Online Mapping
Automated Supplier onboarding
std std
UNSPC Commodity codes
std std
Supplier dropboxes 7 7
Document Sharing  std std
Portal Apps    
Tender Notification  std std
Secure Tender Box
hosting Supplier responses
std std
Work Flow & Work orders std std
Smart Catalogues/ Price Books std Opt
Work flow Planners std Opt
Tendering Modules online/offline and
Pre Qualification   std std
Survey Designer std std
Additional Apps    
Contract Pro
Advanced Budgeting &  Account integration
Opt Opt
KPI / SLA Manager
& Event Scheduler for
projects , sites and contracts
Opt Opt
Site Assets register
& event scheduler
Opt Opt
Survey Designer Opt Opt
Integrated designer
Opt Opt
Integrated Designers and Assessment
Opt Opt
Job Dashboard and automated candidate analysis
Opt Opt
Tender Pro
Online tendering module
Opt Opt

app features


Strategic Sourcing  for

Strategic Sourcing 
for groups & aggregated buying
Tender Notification     
Tender release with automated Supplier matching and email invite alerts
Emails on release, on pending close dates, on any forum notice and for all uploads (as receipts)
Public/ Private listings
Product services directory maps all Suppliers to your commodity profile 
No Supplier fees.  
Secure Tender Box
hosting Supplier responses
Secure upload with email receipting and time date stamping
Locked Tender Box access 
Online Listing for pending / awarded, active tenders
Private tenders not publically  listed 
Free test searching on all forms
drag and drop view
Upload receipts and audit log for Suppliers and Buyers
Integrated question forums with private/ public notice release
Activity logs for Buyers
Multiple Supplier access to tenders
Management dashboards for activity status
Work Flow & Work orders    
Customisable sourcing workflows
for approval levels, and sourcing strategies (3 quotes, RFTs and purchase orders)
Sourcing Risk Register  
Automated Sourcing plans
with integrated tender production modules
Opt Opt
Smart Catalogues/ Price Books    
Custom built catalogue designer with
unlimited fields for every catalogue
Integrated CPI Management and support for multiple GTINs, SKUs and commodity codes 
Supports benchmarking for services & trades with real time updates
Supports raw material buying with baseline consumption profiles online
Advanced product buying with online assessment guides for catalogue items (medical reference groups)
Tendering Modules    
Supports MS Word & XLS attachment tenders
Tender eforms with online template building/ offline analysis 
Tender offline design/ secure response offline/ offline analysis 
eTender - full online tender creation/ response / ratings/ evaluation Opt Opt
Tender Question Design Styles    
Text/ fixed length, open length, paragraph only
Pre set choices
single & multi choice Options 
Number & percentage
XLS schedule
download only,
download and upload with validation
Single arrays
Dual arrays
row  & column response
TMX 1 Array
Tender Pro Dual arrays
Weightings TMX Pro 2 weights levels
Tender Pro Unlimited 
TMX Pro 1 weights levels
Tender Pro Unlimited 
Multiple evaluator
Online scoring Tender Pro Tender Pro
Online Question design  Tender Pro Tender Pro
Online Response analysis Tender Pro and TenderMAX Tender Pro and TenderMAX
Supplier's View of Contracts/ Projects/ Sites    
Free Supplier's access
unlimited users
Mobile features - Suppliers can access projects / contracts  via phone or tablet
Immediate mobile uploads