supply portal

ePortal – Scalable, SaaS based, deployed in days

Supply chain management is complex & requires continuous connection with your suppliers to be successful. We offer supply management tools for every phase of the supply process.

ePortal is low cost, has no per user fee, is fully integrated, and can be implemented in days. Our compliance and collaboration solutions are tightly integrated so the step from tender award to online engagement takes minutes not months. Scalable for small or large companies and supporting any skill level, our Apps will reduce your costs, lower your risks and give you control over your supply network



Enterprise solution

Comprehensive deployment options for SaaS or in-house systems, with rapid set up, scalable server designs SQl deployment and fully automated module integration.


Strategic sourcing fully integrated

Tendering, tender notification, work flow sourcing controls public and private listings, UNSPC matching, 1500 trade maps, online tenders, bid catalogues and full shopping basket options


Low monthly fee

Single license fee, fully hosted in Australia with onsite deployment options available.


Zero Entry barriers

No supplier fees, so thousands of suppliers can be linked to your portal overnight


Instant supplier deployment

Rapid supply chain engagement, with batch contact import, ABN validations, IP address validations fully integrated


Secure data control

Secure trading, HTTPS controls, multiple user controls with ongoing security reviews to provide the highest level of reliability to changing market environments



Integrated compliance system

Turn the tide on compliance by integrating it into your portal, automated dashboard engages Suppliers and drives business and contingent labour compliance.


Online collaboration

Link suppliers online to projects, contracts, sites, price books, work orders and save $000’s in fees for file sharing, upload boxes.


Unlimited users – enterprise wide

Gain the benefit of open license, where a single SaaS fee enables unlimited internal users, making enterprise supply management a reality.


Multi-tenant support for Subsidiaries

Use your subsidiaries and related companies to develop your own buying hubs, each business trades separately while sharing in your group's buying power to develop leverage market strategies locally and internationally


Customisable Tools

Customise your ePortal with: Advanced contract budgeting (multi currencies), KPI / event scheduling, Works orders, Asset management, purchase orders and online catalogues.


Secure data control

Full audit trails, document version controls, record management integration



Make life easier...harness b2b supply power in the cloud

Is your supply world full of multiple systems, pieced together processes in spread-sheets, MS Word tendering, punch out catalogues, paper compliance checks, contract lists in spreadsheets or on a 3rd party web site? Experience the power and difference of a single integrated supply system harnessing all the necessary applications, with purpose built tools, that do more, faster, smarter and at a lower cost that your current system...make life easier!




A normal contract life cycle involves hundreds of Buyer / Supplier connections across email, uploads, and phone calls. The 4 Links collaboration module make sense of this, providing a single online reference across your company. Chat forums, document drop boxes, online document libraries, records management, event schedulers, and other advanced tools are integrated into every site, project, contract and price book. Making collaboration a natural extension of supply interaction. Our smart CRM extends this connection even further, so every supplier can instantly map their staff to every project / contract and site, making access to you supply chain fully automated.


Strategic Sourcing

The 4 links Strategic sourcing suite is state of the art, from the moment you launch your ePortal you’ll access cost savings. Tendering and quotes flow via the integrated tender system, which supports three levels of tender evaluation. Work flows control sourcing cycles while our Contract Management suite provides full life cycle management. For even greater efficiency consider our catalogue system with its dynamic pricing features, extended budgeting and Purchase orders .



Understanding and meeting your compliance risk obligations is a core 4Links feature. Our Compliance engine works at the earliest stages of your sourcing cycle; the pre-qualification module maps your suppliers product (UNSPC), and contingent labour, while our automated dashboard engages your suppliers minutes after they register on the ePortal seeking out insurances, work covers, trade certifies, providing an end do end solution that reduces the cost of compliance for all parties.


portal features

 Premium PacCollaborationComplianceStrategic Sourcing
Portal Features        
Strategic Sourcing
Tender creation & notification, Tenderbox, Tender Surveys & automated evaluation
std Opt Opt std
Document uploads from Suppliers, Business Insurance & Trade certificates expiry alerts, Police & credit checks
std Opt std Opt
Connect Suppliers & Staff to projects, sites,contracts. Enable Chat Forums , document sharing,tasks,queries all with version control and audit logs within a secure environment
std std Opt Opt
Portal Features        
Supplier Registers with
online sourcing profile analysis
std std std std
UNSPC codes
For products/ services
std std std std
Occupation codes
For Trades - Customisable
std std std std
Supplier dropboxes 7 7 7 7
Document Sharing  std std std std
Integrated chat forums std std std std
Custom attributes for contracts, projects
per account
std std std std
Secure Login control
Automated Supplier on boarding
std std std std

app options

 Premium PacCollaborationComplianceStrategic Sourcing
Contract Pro
Advanced Budgeting &  Account integration
Opt Opt Opt Opt
KPI / SLA Manager
& Event Scheduler for
projects , sites and contracts
Opt Opt Opt Opt
Site Assets register
& event scheduler
Opt Opt Opt Opt
Survey Designer Opt Opt Opt Opt
Integrated designer
Opt Opt Opt Opt
Integrated Designers and Assessment
Opt Opt Opt Opt
Job Dashboard and automated candidate analysis
Opt Opt Opt Opt
Tender Pro
Online tendering module
Opt Opt Opt Opt

product price

ePortal Prices ( ex GST)Premium PacCollaborationComplianceStrategic Sourcing
Monthly Fee $1,600.00 $700.00 $700.00 $700.00
Platform Shared WEB / Shared SQL Shared WEB / Shared SQL Shared WEB / Shared SQL Shared WEB / Shared SQL
Private web server Opt Opt Opt Opt
Private SQL server Opt Opt Opt Opt
Client Hosting Opt Opt Opt Opt
Storage  std 100Gb 10 GB 10 GB 10 GB
Std Number of Accounts 7 1 1 1
Max. Accounts 1000 1000 1000 1000
User Logins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Supplier connections Free Free Free Free
App pluggins        
Contract Pro - Budgets & KPI's std Opt Opt Opt
Tender Pro - online tendering std Opt Opt Opt
Courseware Opt Opt Opt Opt
Recruitment Dashboard & evaluations Opt Opt Opt Opt
Time billing & approvals Opt Opt Opt Opt
Catalogues std std std std
Storage upgrade 150GB 10gb 10gb 10gb
Additional Storage Fee
per Gb/month
$1.50 $1.50 $1.50 $1.50