gPortal provides a world of innovation where associations, trade groups can achieve huge savings & efficiencies with minimal investment. We deliver aggregated buying power, streamlined connection with your Suppliers & aggregated buying. All with a level of independence, so every buyer sharing the site can still operate in a private world, managing their own suppliers, users and contracts and only participating in group buying where the opportunity is right.



Group site branding

Full site branding allows organisations to value-add their market presence, providing new levels of member services.



Our Group portal provides two levels of connection so you can access the site under the association banner while still operating as a individual identity.


Supplier access to pooled buying groups

Suppliers gain access to dedicated buyers, lower marketing costs, with 4links technologies providing instant price feeds to promote price specials and end of line run outs and deal of the day promotions.


Build a supply community with Zero Entry barriers

No supplier fees, multi supplier controls for contractors


Independent trading within the Group

Each Subscriber account is fully independent so you choose which group buys you want to share in


Connecting buyers and suppliers within your group

Our member Directory allows members to trade and promote their services within the group.



Shared Compliance

Suppliers only need to pre-qualify once , uploaded compliance documents are shared, reducing repetitive uploads, and minimising the compliance costs across the group


Group tender portal within a gated community

Each group portal comes with an integrated tender solution that links your gated supply base, this means you’re dealing with a trusted supply network established with your group peers


Instant supplier deployment

Automated supplier onboarding, means rapid deployment where the time from supply side engagement to online trading can be counted in seconds.


Open market catalogue

Fully integrated open market catalogue for online trading, with supplier price uploads and smart catalogue uploads from group buys.




The 4Links approach to b2b communities is market leading. Our technology is geared so each community marketplace can be turn-keyed to the exact requirements of each client in hours. Our trade hubs can be deployed to promote trade / professional skills to Buyers or deployed as full sourcing hubs where allied organisations with common supply chain profiles can develop marketplaces that drive trading benefits to both Buyers and Suppliers.


Shared Supply chain

Aggregating a supply chain has real advantages: for Buyers it means streamlined trading with a pre qualified Supplier network and accessing group buying power and special deals.

For Suppliers it means gaining access to a large buying group and streamlining the compliance process with our b2bPassport.



Participating in gPortal does not mean you lose your independence. Each company in the marketplace can operate independently, managing their own private contracts, price books, site and projects. You’re in control of you own internal users and which suppliers your staff can connect with and what group buys you want to participate in.



Collaborate internally and across the Group Market

In a normal contract life cycle hundreds of supply / buyer connections occur across emails, uploads, & phone calls. The 4 Links collaboration module makes sense of this, forming a single online reference point across your group. Chat forums, document drop boxes, online document libraries, records management, event schedulers, are integrated into every site, project & contract, making collaboration a natural extension of supply interaction. A smart CRM extends this connection ever further so every supplier can instantly map their staff contacts to every project, contract and site, making access to your supply chain fully automated.


Strategic sourcing private or public

The 4 links Strategic sourcing suite is state of the art, from the moment you engage you will maximise cost savings. Tendering and quotes flow via the integrated tender system, which supports three levels of tender evaluation. Work flows control sourcing cycles, while our Contract Management suite provides life cycle management. For those needing more you can option your gPortal with catalogue systems, extended budgeting, purchase orders and asset registers.


Sharing the compliance burden

Understanding & meeting your compliance risk obligations is a core 4 links feature. Our compliance module engages at the beginning of your sourcing cycle. Pre-qualification modules profile your suppliers and collect product maps (UNSPC) and contingent labour skills, while our automated dashboard engages your suppliers minutes after they register, seeking out insurances, work covers, trade certificates.


portal features

Portal Features  
Strategic Sourcing
Tender creation & notification, Tenderbox, Online Tender Survey & automated evaluation
Document upload from Supplers, Business Insurance & Trade certificates, expiry alerts, Police  & credit checks
Connect Suppliers & Staff to projects, sites, contracts. Enable Chat Forums, document sharing, tasks, queries, all with version control & audit log within a secure environment
Portal Services  
Supplier Registers with
online sourcing profile analysis
UNSPC codes
For products/ services
Occupation codes
For Trades - Customisable
Supplier dropboxes 7
Document Sharing  std
Integrated chat forums std
Custom attributes for contracts, projects
per account
Secure Login control
Automated Supplier on boarding
forms designer

app options

Additional Apps  
Contract Pro
Advanced Budgeting &  Account integration
KPI / SLA Manager
& Event Scheduler for
projects , sites and contracts
Site Assets register
& event scheduler
Survey Designer Opt
Integrated designer
Integrated Designers and Assessment
Job Dashboard and automated candidate analysis
Tender Pro
Online tendering module

product price

Base Modules included  
Strategic Sourcing std
Compliance std
Collaboration std
Fees per Account ( ex. GST)  
Base Modules
per Month
Platform Shared WEB / Shared SQL
Private Web Server opt
Private SQL Server opt
Client hosting options opt
Storage Std 100Gb
Minimum number of Accounts 30
Maximum number of. Accounts 1000
Number of Account Users Unlimited
Supplier Connects Free
APP Plug ins  
Contract Pro- Budget + KPIs opt
Tender Pro- Online tendering std
Courseware- Customisable opt
Recruitment- Board+ Evaluations opt
Time billing- & Approvals opt
Catalogues std
 Storage Upgrade 300GB
Additional Storage Mthly per Gb $1.50