Automate your compliance

4 Links provides an enterprise quality compliance solution that enables business, professional, trade and product compliance via a single platform.

Our system automatically advises Suppliers of the required standards for any occupation or product, in any region of the world. It then automates the collection of compliance data through a Supplier driven self-service dashboard. The Buyer can monitor individual Supplier compliance at any stage through a red light / green light indicator, and approve them as they complete the approval process. With our compliance app b2bPassport, you can look forward to a fully automated world, all we ask for is a mouse click to approve a Supplier when the light goes green!!

To make life easier you can outsource the whole process to us and have the supplier pay a low monthly fee for the service.



Integrated compliance

Fully integrated compliance engine learns corporate business rules in minutes, reduce the need for 1,000s of hours in enterprise training


Supplier Status Dashboards

Highly visual dashboard with red light alerts for out of date insurance, trade certificates and product certifications


Supplier management

Compliance solutions for employees, contractors and suppliers on a single system with secure partitions for Internal staff


Zero entry barriers

No Supplier fees, and you can outsource the entire compliance process to 4Links


Instant deployment

Enterprise deployment in days, with instant upload of required compliance docs


Integrated pre-qualification

Unlimited pre-qualification forms with auto assessment technology



Automated renewals

Automatic renewals, and supplier emails, email activity logs, overdue reports and integrated status updates for all certificate types


Contractor Solutions

Supports Contractors certificate for HR groups, full Insurance and trade compliance and competency check ups

Supplier credit checks coming soon


Supplier Dashboard

Easy to navigate supplier dashboard, instant staff compliance, views, alerts for expired business certificates


Record management

Online certificate storage, full document indexing, Trim integration for end-to-end enterprise solutions


Approval work flows

Secure approval boards, Group access views, click access to validation sites, and automated supplier approval status alerts


Comprehensive certificate support

Supports product standards, trade licenses, competences, insurances, mobile plant registrations and plant check-up schedules



Automated Compliance Dashboard

Are your staff chasing insurance policy docs with little time to manage the contract?, then send this process to your Suppliers. You simply map the certificate you need against an online trade and products profile, your portal then monitors your Suppliers uploading the required certificate requests in each Supplier’s user box, all uploaded data is monitored, with key data flagged to track expiry dates and approval links. The system constantly updates the compliance process with red / green light status


Rapid deployment & central approvals board

With automated compliance you’re in the drivers seat. As documents are uploaded the portal certificates are queued for your approval. Separate approval boards for suppliers and staff and full audit trails mean you’re in touch, while your team experience the benefits of approving Suppliers in real time.


No Supplier cost barriers

Having a fully complaint supply chain is highly valuable and mitigates risk. We make sure there are no barriers, your suppliers can access the system free, they can manage an unlimited number of employees with certificates, insurances and other data automatically listed. With unlimited users, all your employees can access the same data, giving full transparency. The one step process for Suppliers provides real benefits as they now have a permanent online compliance file for upload to any Buyer.



Dashboard controls

Being able to control who is authorised to access sites is vital to protect your organisation. The 4Links Supplier Dashboard provides a universal guide with Green / Red flag indicators showing the status for all your suppliers and contracts from a single source. With links providing instant access to out of date insurances, or trades with non complying certificates.


Intelligent compliance rules in seconds

Developing compliance solutions can consume 1,000s of hours, linking certificates to trades and regions, and training users can take months. 4Links resolves this in seconds, you simply add a certificate and link it to the desired products or trades. Your 4Links Portal automatically engages Suppliers, sending email alerts, while routing Supplier uploads for online assessment.


Records management Integration

Having audit trails on your compliance activity is mandatory in meeting statutory requirements. 4Links handles this complex task by storing all the Supplier uploads online, certificate updates are versioned while all certificates are linked to our indexing system, mapping files to projects and contracts with key tags providing links to Trim and other record systems.


portal features

Portal Features    
Supplier Registers
Online Mapping
Automated Supplier onboarding
std std
UNSPC Commodity codes
std std
Supplier dropboxes 7 7
Document Sharing  std std
Portal Apps    
Free Supplier login  std std
Automated compliance management
& renewals
std std
Customisable Certification Maps
with  Regional customisation
std std
Commodities certification maps/
for ISO and ASX standards  validation 
std opt
Single Compliance Sign-On
for Suppliers
std opt
Approval Dashboard
for Suppliers and your staff
online/offline and Tender Pro online/offline
Pre Qualification
Module with Multiple surveys
std std
Survey Designers std std
Addtional  Apps     
Contract Pro
Advanced Budgeting &  Account integration
Opt Opt
KPI / SLA Manager
& Event Scheduler for
projects , sites and contracts
Opt Opt
Site Assets register
& event scheduler
Opt Opt
Survey Designer Opt Opt
Integrated designer
Opt Opt
Integrated Designers and Assessment
Opt Opt
Job Dashboard and automated candidate analysis
Opt Opt
Tender Pro
Online tendering module
Opt Opt

app features

Compliance  Management    
Supplier compliance tools for employees, contractors, other Suppliers
with mobile access for Tablets and Smart phones
Internal Compliance modules for your
Employees, Contractors, other Suppliers with secure logins
Product Standards / License
ASXX  Standards, Medical TGA, ISO etc.
Business Insurances/ Certificates PDF uploads  with automatic renewals management
People Certification, Competencies
with automated renewals and Green / Red flag status Dashboards
Customisable Certification Maps    
Add new compliance requirements in minutes with automatic engagement across the supply base
Supports country variations
for global trading
Supports regional variation
Supplier User Guide
Links certificate types to
authorising groups for fast approvals
Automated Certificate matching to  contingent labour ( trade certificates, police check, competencies)
Automatic commodities certification
for ISO standards
Expiry Alerts    
Supplier compliance requests are fully automated
with audit & non response logs
Flags for Upload status/ pending approval status  
Reg flag alerts for Suppliers
(overdue or expired)
Red flag alerts for site access
Email alerts for all certificate requests, uploads, approvals, expiry
Compliance pooling
Single Supplier approval shared across all users
Single Compliance Sign-On    
Suppliers comply once via b2bPassport 
Supplier Pre-validation System    
Online pre validation for Suppliers and Contractors
Unlimited questionnaires for different skill groups
Smart Question styles / (array/ choices) for rapid response with automated pass/ fail flags
Forms Designer to develop your own pre qualifications forms/ surveys
Approval Dashboard    
Multiple approvers
access all certifications
Links Certificate Type
to user groups
Instant statistic on approval, alerts by trade or supplier, by region 
Automated email alerts for approvals and hot web-links to certificate sites for validation
Records management support for storing original  versions required under record management legislation
Version Control for all certificate uploads
Email Alerts on Approvals/
Non Approvals will full log trails for WHS
Notes log for all approvals
Admin controls for user groups, Supplier access
Quick status search by person and company with red flag dashboard for all Suppliers
Compliance in Catalogue Items    
Licence validation for mobile plant Opt
Medical TGA by products Opt
ISO standards Opt
online survey creation/ and ratings Opt
Supplier's view of Contracts/ Projects/ Sites    
Supplier's login
Mobile Supplier acces to projects / contracts 24/7
Immediate uploads from the field