Our collaboration Apps will save you hours managing your supply network

If you’re managing your supply chain with email, spreadsheets, and disparate filing systems, then there’s a much better, easier solution . We make connecting you with your Suppliers easy, our Collaboration dashboard gives instant access to every Supplier, contract, price book, project & site.

We offer secure chat forums, version controlled document libraries, records management, event scheduler and collaboration across sites, projects, contracts and price books.  While our smart CRM modules handle the day-to-day links connecting your supplier’s employees to your projects, sites or contracts. 



Collaboration Dashboard

Our collaboration dashboard connects every project, site, contract and price book, with file sharing, chat forums, secure document libraries and activity logs


Shared Views Online

Buyers and Suppliers share online files for every contract, project and site, using instant click and share technology


Smart Contact Links

Fully automated CRM links supplier staff to contracts & projects by pre-defined roles


Zero Entry barriers

No Supplier fees, and mobile access for PC, tablets and smart phones


Mobile access

Rapid deployment with mobile connection for Suppliers in the field


Work order management

SWMS uploads, optional online work check lists, scorecards & reviews



Drop Box

Private Supplier drop boxes for price books, contracts, catalogues, plans, Invoices & work plans


Project Dashboard

Every project has a private collaboration board, for shared files, event calendars, chat forums, Supplier uploads, activity notes, CRM contacts, Click in supplier connectors


Contract dashboard

Every contract has a private dashboard, for shared files, event Calenders, Chat forums, Supplier uploads, Activity notes, CRM contacts, Click in Supplier connectors


Sites Dashboard

Every Site has a private collaboration board, for shared files, event calendars, chat forums, Supplier uploads, activity notes, CRM contacts, Click in supplier connectors


Secure Document files

Supports private Buyer document uploads, mapped to Suppliers, projects and contracts with email alerts on uploads


Document control

Stored files with integrated file tags, shared and private file options, file tags for version control & archiving.



Group activities – Instantly in touch 24/7

With over 80% of a project or contract’s life cycle happening in the post award stage, companies face ongoing governance pressures to establish audit trails of supply chain activities. Our collaboration App manages this phase & helps control contract risk. Our scalable enterprise solution can be deployed instantly delivering a suite of purpose built collaboration apps to : share files, upload Supplier reports, plan events, log work actions, record and index documents, apply security access controls, all in one place, eliminating the corporate risk in email vulnerability and removing the need for complex records management solutions simply to find files.


Event scheduling- shared calendars

Scheduling events is an important phase of ongoing project control. To meet this key demand the 4 Links portal provides an independent calendar/scheduler to every project, contract and site. This app provides a central time-line across multiple people and projects, with schedulers for appointments or recurring events. This makes key events highly visible while drill down reports make reporting a breeze.


Click in - Instant secure connections for linking suppliers globally to projects & contracts

Collaboration is a complex process, with 4Links, collaboration is an instant connection with our click in technology, allowing you to link Suppliers to any project, contract, or bid catalogue, sharing and collaborating in a secure cloud environment.



Secure Document sharing online & integrated record management

4 Links Work Share is simple yet powerful, offering full records management online. Every project or contract has its own locked document files for the Buyer & Supplier. Document management is easy, simply open a project or contract, upload a file and start sharing with in-built security controls linking existing members with email alerts. Suppliers have their own private document dashboard that displays all existing uploads across all files, making searching simple. Record management links support ongoing expansion to your corporate filing system such as SharePoint and Trim


iCourier saves $000’s in subscription fees

Managing files from suppliers can be difficult especially when they exceed mail box limits The 4 Links portal has its own solution iCourier, a integrated open license drop-box service saving thousands in subscription fees. iCourier manages Supplier uploads, Suppliers log in, select the desired drop-box for: documents, Invoices, plans, price books or catalogues. Every upload file ( 2GB max) is receipted, dated, indexed and automatically linked to associated projects or contracts, saving Buyers from ever needing to search for files.


Index your Supplier contracts to key roles without a single email

With 1000s’ of suppliers, Buyers can rapidly loose touch with Supplier contacts. The 4Links CRM has a supply-side CRM push, this means Suppliers link their people to your projects or contracts. Customisable profile tags control this so every Supplier is indexed: health safety contacts, emergency contacts, accounts or sales people are easily found, making Supplier contacts visible across you entire organisation, reducing role out times for every new project and ongoing project maintenance.


portal features

Portal Features    
Supplier Registers
Online Mapping
Automated Supplier onboarding
std std
UNSPC Commodity codes
std std
Supplier dropboxes 7 7
Document Sharing  std std
Portal Apps    
Custom attributes for all
Collaboration modules
std std
Projects Dashboard
Connects Suppliers to projects
std std
Contracts Register
Connects Suppliers to their Contracts
std std
Document dropbox
Restricted to selected Suppliers
std std
Records Management
Document sharing
Secure access to  project, contract members 
online/offline and Tender Pro std
Chat forums
Lock to allocated Suppliers
Secure for project / contract members only
std std
Site Dashboards
Links Suppliers to individual sites
Share secure information
std std
Automated Supplier on boarding
Single click to add Suppliers to
projects/ contracts/ price books/ catalogues/ sites
std std
Addtional  Apps     
Contract Pro
Advanced Budgeting &  Account integration
Opt Opt
KPI / SLA Manager
& Event Scheduler for
projects , sites and contracts
Opt Opt
Site Assets register
& event scheduler
Opt Opt
Survey Designer Opt Opt
Integrated designer
Opt Opt
Integrated Designers and Assessment
Opt Opt
Job Dashboard and automated candidate analysis
Opt Opt
Tender Pro
Online tendering module
Opt Opt

app features

Collaboration modules    
Project Module - Separate collaboration folder for every project
Site collaboration folder - for every site providing a single point of reference
Price Book folders for Supplier push notification on new products, services, prices
Contract Register
Instant Supplier connect
supports panel contracts
Work orders specific collaboration folders for approvals and invoice dropboxes
Collaboration functions included in all Portals    
Instant Supplier click in/ share allowing Suppliers to have a mobile connection
via PCs, tablets and phone
Support for panel contracts - many Suppliers on a single contract with shared forums and common document access
Document libraries for
public and private documents
Budget Folders
Sets a budget for every project or contract
Opt Opt
Event calendars for every project/ contract with a single and/or recurring events
Private record storage
links to Supplier drop boxes
Document tagging for record management
Trim and Sharepoint integration points 
opt opt
Activity logs for all uploads, date, time and name stamps with upload receipt logs
Event time-line planner for projects /contracts with task base events, start /end date and percentage complete flags 2015 2015
CRM  connectors allow suppliers to map their staff to every project and contract  
4Links Dropboxes for every Supplier    
Price Book Dropbox - private Supplier upload for price files
Documents Dropbox - Supplier uploads with history log 
Certificate folders - uploads all certificates with version controls
Invoice uploads - dropbox with cross filing to projects and contract folders
Catalogues- price catalogue uploads (PDF) with direct catalogue data upload into bid catalogue or shopping cart options
Records Management    
Document tagging with central meta data controls for full record management 
Version controls of all files with date / time stamps
Public / private uploads for Buyers loading files into project folders
Dynamic folder creation with security controls on folders  with Buyer / Supplier view options 2015 2015
Trim / SharePoint Integration Plug in Opt Plug in Opt
Site Dashboard    
Manages sites / buildings with specific collaboration folders that store all work activities 
Collaboration suite with calendars, file uploads, record sharing, CRM modules 
Work order management, extended work orders with asset links and SWMS approvals Opt Opt
Project Dashboard    
Unlimited projects with start / end dates and customisable tags for classifications
Central activity boards with drag drop reporting
Collaboration suite for every project - providing a single reference point
Access controls for multiple users
Supplier's contact CRM - maps for projects and contacts,links Suppliers to your team 
Contract Register    
Unlimited contracts online - fully customisable classification tags
Central Activity Dashboard with drag drop reports and instant XLS data export 
Open searching across all fields
Customisable meta data for contract type, owner, & cost codes
Collaboration suite integrated into every contract - single view of all activities
Optional Advanced Budget Planner - multiple budgets line, multiple currency, cash burn, account data imports Opt Opt
 KPI/ event planner - set KPI triggers with  reminders, alerts, email push to Suppliers and users Opt Opt
Calendar event planner - for each contract
Instant Supplier connection - click a Supplier in and they have instant access to files and data on PC,  tablet or smart phone
Supplier's contacts CRM - Suppliers map team members to your contracts
Suppliers view of Contracts/ Projects/ Sites    
Shared collaboration view - Suppliers have their own online registers
Instant access /  mobility- Suppliers can access projects / contracts 24/7
Immediate uploads  from the field